The Best of 2016: The Top Six Posts from the Build It Ship It Blog

More companies are beginning to grasp that the customer experience (in and out of product) can make or break a business.  At the start of 2016, we felt it was an appropriate time to explore the art and science that goes into building truly great products and businesses that customers embrace and advocate.  Thus, the Build It Ship It blog was born in January 2016.

Here are six blog entries from the previous year that our readers especially enjoyed.  Enjoy and please sign up for our mailing list so we can share more posts in 2017!

1. User Experience, Customer Experience

2. We Just Refreshed Our Product UI: Seven Lessons Learned

3. 40 Critical Touchpoints to Map in the Customer Journey

4. Brown Guacamole and How to Leverage Journey Maps with Unhappy Customers

5. Why Now is the Right Time for Right Time Marketing

6. Our Customers Deserve Better: Introducing A New Approach To Mapping The Customer Journey

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