“The Quality Lever”


I'm writing a book.  After a decade in the product management space, I've had the opportunity to steward dozens of products.  In each experience, the highest quality products always performed the best.  Yet, many teams cut corners to make dates or add features.  This book will explore the decisions that winning teams make and how you can help build a culture of quality at your organization.

From Apple to Peloton to Da Vinci to the Titanic to Major League Baseball, "The Quality Lever" will tell the stories around making great things and the people who made them.

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Coming in 2023

In 2021, Peloton was  the hottest fitness company due to its popular exercise bike becoming a cultural icon amidst the COVID pandemic.  As a second act, Peloton set its sights on expanding its footprint and winning the treadmill space.  The new Tread product was cavalierly hustled through development and into the market.  What followed were a series of quality issues, at its best a product recall and at its worst, loss of human life.  Over the next year, Peloton would lose more than 90% of its market value and their founding CEO would be ousted.  How could Peloton have avoided this catastrophe?

Introducing the Quality Lever.  Every day, makers are challenged with difficult decisions around the quality of their product, service or content.  The best makers know when and how to prioritize quality and to make it not a hindrance to the productization process, but a competitive advantage.  

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