Learn It Live

Learn SQL in One Session and Unlock a New Skill

Do you want to learn SQL to uncover key insights?  This is your opportunity!  Meet and work with other tech leaders and leave this three hour virtual session feeling empowered to run basic to intermediate queries.

I've taught SQL to MBA students for three years and have led Product teams for over ten years.  Prior, I was a SQL programmer and DBA.

In this live, virtual session, we'll cover relational data models, SQL syntax and enjoy hands on activities including a fun version of the classic board game Clue.  Then, we'll celebrate with a closing networking session.  See you soon!

"The professor knew a lot about the subject matter.  He made the class engaging and fun. I would recommend this class to my friends."

-via anonymous student feedback


  • One three-hour live, virtual session with experienced professor and nine like-minded students
  • Comprehensive education in relational data, SQL syntax and data analysis
  • Hands-on learning, fun team exercises
  • Take-home resources for further exploration

Monday, April 24 6-9PM ET

Monday, May 22 6-9PM ET

Have questions?  Please email me.  Looking to book this course for a private group?  Please fill out this form and I'll reach out soon.