Is Your Customer Journey Map Unnecessarily Complicated?

Rube Goldbergs complicated systems of chain reaction machines, built to perform a simple task were essentially comic strips. Why? The technology built to achieve a goal like wiping your face with a napkin was over-engineered with multiple steps using different technologies.

By definition, a Rube Goldberg machine is doing something simple in a very complicated way.


Despite the inefficiencies of these contraptions, we marvel at Rube Goldberg machines because theyre creative and interesting. The same cant or shouldnt be said for your customer journey maps.

For instance

Does it take your sales team five different steps to identify critical factors like budget, influence, need, timing?

Do your customers have to go through five teams in order to get a copy of their invoice?

Do your prospects have a difficult time finding your most recent white paper or ebook?

Do your customers have to navigate to three pages to reach their intended destination in the product?

Unnecessary steps in the Rube Goldberg machine are comical. Unnecessary steps in your customer journey will end up costing you valuable business.

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