#MyFavoriteProduct June 23: Visible Measures’ Emera Trujillo on Buffer

Which products win the hearts of those who manage products for a living?  Welcome to “My Favorite Product”, where seasoned Product professionals talk about their favorite product discoveries and what they’ve learned through their experience as a customer.


Emera Trujillo is a senior product manager at Visible Measures, an advertising technology company that provides an end-to-end solution for capturing consumer attention.  Her passion project is Boston Women in Product (BWP), a community that empowers women to be influencers in their role, inspiring them to make a difference and grow in their career.  She hopes to see you at their next event!

Emera, please tell us about one of your favorite products and the problem is solves.

One of my favorite at the moment is Buffer. Buffer helps me manage social media channels and schedule posts across those channels. Using Buffer, it’s very easy to set up content for Boston Women in Product (BWP).

What delights you about Buffer?  What does it do well?

I have used a few social media management tools in the past and find that Buffer has the most elegant interface for both desktop and mobile use. Through the desktop I schedule posts in bulk, where I can use the mobile interface if I have ten minutes to spare on the train. And I am very impressed by how seamless the transition feels.


The setup and scheduling features are very intuitive. I’m using the free version now but I’m an inch away from upgrading. They do a good job letting me get a lot of value out of the tool while still making me aware of the paid features throughout my experience.

So, no product is perfect and product managers love feedback. What feedback would you give to the product team at Buffer?

There’s definitely something within the day & time scheduling that causes a little bit of friction. However, I read an article around good and bad friction recently so, maybe it’s a good friction that prevents me from scheduling something too quickly?  That would be the one thing I’d ask the product manager about: Is that a feature or a bug?

In terms of the free versus paid model, they could have probably taken away the mobile access and I would have upgraded.  Also, the free version provides a specific allotment of posts to schedule.  If they dropped that number, I’d probably upgrade.

What elements of Buffer have you incorporated into your work as a Product Manager?

My company is in the B2B space and our product is accessed via a desktop browser, but Buffer has me wondering how I can build a mobile experience for our customers that will be relevant to their needs. Our competitors aren’t doing this today, so there might be a great opportunity.

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